Loyalty is priceless. But there are bonuses.

Now, guests who always opt for Versare Hotels will win a $ 100 bonus.

When choosing a hotel to stay on your travels, do not even think of betrayal. With the Program card Loyalty Versare, every Real spent in daily at Versare hotels, you get a point. And when you reach 1.000 points from at least three different hotels, we will give you R$ 100 in bonuses to spend on one of our establishments.


2 Points

2.1 In each lodging of the card holder, in a hotel Versare, a point will be provided to each one of each R $ 50.00, non-transferable, paid exclusively on lodging rates at the hotel.

2.2 The points will be provided by multiple integer of R $ 50.00 in daily expenses, and each participant can receive a maximum of 20 points from the same hotel during a period of 30 consecutive days.

2.3 If the amount of the total daily expenses is less than R $ 50.00, one point will be provided per day.

2.4 Point will not be provided if the daily rate is free, courtesy or barter.

2.5 Each point is valid for two years from the date of its receipt.

3 Bonus

3.1 The customer of the Versare Loyalty Program will be entitled to the bonus when accumulating 20 valid points (see item 2.5) provided by at least three distinct hotels belonging to the Network.

3.2 The bonus amount is $ 100.00, with exclusive use for payment of expenses (lodging + extras) in any hotel of the Versare Network.

3.3 If the value of the bonus exceeds the value of the expense, no change in cash, in point or in voucher will be provided.

3.4 The cardholder may transfer the bonus to another individual via a voucher issued by the cardholder, available at www.versarehoteis.com.br, in the "Client Area" field.

3.5 After the voucher has been issued, the bonus will be valid for 30 days.

3.6 The right to use the bonus, or the issue of the voucher to another individual, does not represent a guarantee of accommodation, which should be according to the availability of the hotel Versare for the requested date.

3.7 A receipt will be issued, for the signature of the guest, at the time of payment of the expenses with the bonus or voucher