What is the Versare Hotels

VERSARE is a network of hotels that have joined together to better serve you. Located in Rio Grande do Sul, each of our hotels, already renowned in its region, maintains an independent administration. We intend to offer the guest quality services through a personalized service.

Following a worldwide trend, the hotel sector also opted for joint action. This network model is a pioneer in Brazil and was supported by SEBRAE so that it was already born strong in quantity and quality: there are 17 hotels and 1,550 apartments and more than 900 employees. Big numbers bringing great responsibility together.

The ultimate goal of VERSARE Hotel Network is that each hotel, which will always maintain its identity, can increase its occupancy, retain customers, reduce costs, exchange ideas, experiences and information. Many actions will be being developed together so that the services offered by the hotels of the VERSARE network improve more and more.

Our expectation is inserted in the name VERSARE, whose meaning in Latin is "to return". Come and meet us, and, most importantly, come back!

Eduardo Campos Hallal

Hotel Curi Palace - Pelotas


Daniel Lé

Hotel San Silvestre - Passo Fundo

Ricardo Ritter

Ritter Hotéis - Porto Alegre

Marcelo Curi

Hotel Curi Executive - Pelotas

Edson Mainardi

Hotel Monte Carlo - Uruguaiana

Tamires Mônego


Executive Manager